A Guide for Coping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It’s both a blessing and a curse being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. For the most part, the people diagnosed are relieved by being explained to the sudden change in their health. Nonetheless, it’s also a curse to them because nothing much can be done about the condition as the cure for the syndrome is yet to be discovered. However, medications, self- care techniques and therapies are available that a person can undergo to substantially aid in relieving the condition’s symptoms. The following are suggestions.

  • Look for simple solutions which are effective – Not all treatments for CFS may work for a person. This is because as much as clinically a general definition exists for the disorder, various severity levels of its occurrence exist. So if you are someone who thinks that the medications that have been prescribed for you are working, then pass them and try looking some other place for symptom relief. A host of therapies and treatments are available that a person can use which are far better than conventional medicine. Try consulting herbalists and therapists for alternative medicine and look for treatments that will help you with this disorder. Ensure to ask the doctor about any supplements instead of the normal pain relievers and antibiotics. Also, go to a psychologist and enquire if therapies exist that can be undergone in facilitating the better coping with the disorder. Don’t limit yourself to only the pharmacological treatments, ensure to try out other options and pick those that offer you the most benefits.
  • Do not let your sickness handle you, handle it – Oftentimes, disorders and illnesses that are chronic do demand much from the patients so that they can be able to control the symptoms. The best course of action is however taking the hand in the control of the disorder always. If it has been a matter of months to years of suffering from this disorder, chances are that you have established a sense of helplessness and defeat on the fight against the disorder. But do not let this be the case, gain the control back and know just how to control it.
  • Try taking lessons from each day – With this syndrome, a person is considered lucky if a day passes without feeling sick. So for the major part, a person can take note of his symptoms and the response he has to the therapies and treatments received. It is very crucial keeping a journal of the daily experience with the condition as this can act as a help guide in better managing this disorder.
  • Move the body – For a number of patients, the idea of undertaking in some physical activities seems not only impossible but it also unthinkable. However, recent studies have indicated that minor physical activities help in picking up someone’s energy and their health, so it’s wise trying to undergo a form of exercise program as this will go a very long way in helping you to manage this type of condition.