The Most Common Allergies in Children

It is particularly hard diagnosing allergies which are developed by adults but in the case of children, it’s even more complex as some of the most common symptoms may also be similar indications of ailments besides the allergies. It becomes even more difficult as the children themselves are often incapable of describing these symptoms which can only leave the parents to guessing. In the event of such cases, it’s advisable seeking the help of a trusted medic immediately as they have the authority of treating and providing medications. But so as to make it an easy task to know if your child sufferer from an allergy, below are the most common allergy related symptoms

An itchy nose

For a majority of children and even in adults, this is one of the most frequent symptom of allergy. The nose on detecting easily becomes very itchy especially if allergens or irritants are in the particular environment. A nose that is itchy and stuffy is also a clear indication of the presence of allergens and it becomes even more serious when this leads to a cold. When a kid rubs their nose which seemingly resembles an action salute, it’s an indication of an allergy. You can prevent this allergic reactions by keeping the child away from environments with allergens. But in any event that they get it, you can easily be able to intervene the allergy by noticing the itchy nose.

Dark eye circles

It usually is referred to as the Denni Morgan lines. The two names are after two physicians who were the first to establish a connection between the allergies with their relationship with dark eye circles. This is also referred to as allergic shiners as the black discoloration and the racoon-like look beneath the eyes is due to blood flow that is amplified occurring in the area of the sinus and also as a result of lack of sleep.

Infections of the sinus

When the body is overreacting to a particular allergen, more body fluids are produced and this causes a blockage of the sinus passages. Certain germs and bacteria will then have an ability of passing through the passages and as this happens, they also attack the tissues which line the cavity of the sinus.

This results in an infection to which individuals with allergies become more susceptible due to their immune system’s weakening from numerous attempts to ward off the foreign elements and therefore renders the body ineffective in fighting itself free of antigens. Infections of the sinus are usually serious as they lead to the congestion of the nasal paths, headaches and fever.

Allergic Eczema

When the skin is in contact with irritants, a skin condition referred to as contact dermatitis develops but is not serious. If it however persists and some physical conditions occur, you the can associate this with an allergy. If there is the presence of dryness, rashes, and an itchy feeling in the elbow folds, knees, face and the eyes, this them is a condition requiring urgent medical attention.

Chronic Cough

If your kid has a dry cough which doesn’t show any signs of going away, then it’s a chronic cough. There’s phlegm sometimes in which case can be an indication of the increased presence of fluid in the sinus cavity and therefore it’s a symptom of allergy which shouldn’t be ignored. Be sure to remember that a chronic cough is an allergy symptom and not a condition. If however the cough is still persistent even after the elimination of the source, it then is best seeking medical attention as it can be a symptom of another condition also.