The Power Of Dental Practice Reviews: “Social Proof” At Its Finest

Remember the “Know, Like, Trust” factor from our series on education-based marketing?

A lot of dental professionals don’t understand the psychology behind “why” people choose one practice over another. Some wrongly assume that people make their choice based off something like price or distance to their home.

Now, that’s true for a small segment of the market, but shouldn’t worry about those people. Because you can’t change their mind. You aren’t going to lower your prices (or raise them) to cater towards a new crowd… unless that was part of a greater marketing strategy. And you for sure, can’t open a practice in every city to be more convenient to EVERYONE. That wouldn’t be practical.

Today — I’m going to explain to you what you SHOULD focus on. This is how you get more patients, make more money, and deal with less patient issues.

The value of social proof and reviews

Do you know what “social proof” means? Essentially, it means the “clout” behind your name. It means how well-known you are in the community and how respected you are. If you run a great practice and the local area is aware of that — you’ve probably got a lot of social proof working for you already.

Social proof is:

  • The power of having other people recommend you. Instead of selling yourself… other people recommend and promote you. That includes people recommending you to their friends (both online and offline).
  • Great, because it reassures potential patients, and gets rid of the majority of barriers that stop people from walking through the door for the first time.

For the most people, the people “choosing” a dental practice to visit, are NOT worried about pricing or how far they have to drive. They are worried about the feeling and the experience they are going to have behind closed doors. For some people that means they want to be sure its a warm, caring environment… for others, they want to be sure that you’re really as good of a doctor as you say. In person — you don’t have to do anything to foster a recommendation… but online, on the other hand, you need to do some work.

Most people won’t go online and post a review about you without you prompting them. Even if they love your practice — not because they don’t appreciate you — but it requires additional effort.

How DoctorHero can help you

That’s where DoctorHero comes in. They help you foster the reviews that your patients WANT to give you… but didn’t have the time, or didn’t think of doing.

The difference between a growing practice and a failing practice could be as simple as not having enough reviews online. Even if you’re the nicest person ever… people searching for you might not know that. It’s your job to get those reviews out there in front of as many potential patients as possible.

In fact, DoctorHero helps you with a whole slew of these related issues: We help you get found by people searching for dentists in your local area, build up and display reviews demonstrating your prowess, AND manage any potential online reputation issues. Remember, the unhappy patients are just as important as the happy ones for your practice — because they have constructive criticism that you can use to make your practice that much better.

So the next time you’re wondering why there aren’t more people walking through the door… ask yourself:

“Do people online have enough reassurance to choose me as their dentist?”